Sunglo set - Tobacco vanilla

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Sunglo set - Tobacco vanilla
Talk about hot balls! If The Sunglo Smelly Balls don?t make you want to sip on a cocktail while watching the sun go down, we don?t know what will!

Our Sunglo balls are inspired by driving at sundown ??. Our Burnt Orange, Tinted Cream, Mustard Yellow, & Rustic Green balls represent a sunset glow & the Aussie bush. The golden glow of the setting sun on the horizon can incite a feeling of gratitude and joy. It?s a time for reflection and appreciation of all that?s happening in your life. Take it all in with our Sunglo Smelly Balls.
Got a man in your life that needs some better smelling balls? Our Tobacco Vanilla scent is a sexy, masculine fragrance. If you?re not familiar with clary sage, orris root, & cedarwood, it?s time to get acquainted. These three notes combine with leather, tobacco, & a hint of sweet vanilla to create a fragrance that is both masculine & sweet. Tobacco Vanilla is a fragrance for the ages.

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