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Did you know that rabbits can turn their ears in a 180 degrees arc helping them pinpoint the exact location of the source of any sound even if they can't see it? That's right. Their big, long ear is one of the reasons why these little mammals are loved. It becomes even more lovable when it serves as a beautiful planter!
The Nibbles Rabbit Planter is a beautiful home decoration pot that also doubles as a planter pot. With its colourful painting and ingenious rabbit design, it would look great as a home d?cor item even if the clientele does not wish to use the planter function. It is made wholly of ceramics and then glossed in smooth, shiny of white, pink, cream and black. On the body of the planter is the outline of a nibbling rabbit. It showcases the rabbit's whiskers, nose, mouth, eyes and even two long rabbit ears. The nose and ears are painted in punch pink. The planter rests on four black-painted legs. When used as an actual planter, it can be placed in the garden or in order to serve as a decorative piece, it can be place on the porch or close to a window where it can receive sunlight.

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