My Bright Ideas Journal - Nourishing Eats

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My Bright Ideas Journal - Nourishing Eats
My Bright Ideas Journal - Nourishing Eats
The perfect mini journal to create healthy eating goals, capture inspiring recipes, develop meal plans, and celebrate your healing and nourishing journey.

Intrinsic's bright orange, pint-sized journal easily slips into your pocket or handbag to carry with you for whenever inspiration hits and you need to jot down those light-bulb food ideas!

Run your fingers over the beautifully embossed cover as you visualise the healthy life you wish to lead and how choosing healthy options will make you feel alive and well.

Use this mini journal to:

Brainstorm ideas for healthy mealtimes.
Create weekly meal plans ahead of time.
Write out your shopping lists to keep life simple.
Maintain a food diary to keep track of what you eat and how you feel.
Record your goals and compile nutrition facts to keep you motivated.
No matter your intentions, put pen to paper to make this your best and healthiest life.

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