Lost And Found Book

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Lost And Found Book
n the snowy Alaskan landscape, a young indigenous girl crosses paths with a weak and hungry polar bear. But rather than retreating in fear, she chooses to approach the bear with tenderness by giving him all that she has to offer -- a blanket and fish from her morning excursion. And although the girl's blanket is too small -- the gesture is large. After feeling nourished and refreshed, the two new friends head out to play. When a snowstorm hits, the bear has a chance to return the girl's kindness and safely shepherds her home. Before each reunites with their parent they share one last embrace -- creating a lifelong memory of their unique bond born of mutual respect and open hearts.

40-page full-color picture book with dust jacket.
Picture book measures 10-1/2'' wide x 10-3/16'' high.
Ages 3 to 8

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