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Scent Description: An amazing complex fruity blend of tropical bananas and juicy grapefruit with middle notes of peach, coconut and kiwi fruit. Finished off with bottom notes of fresh strawberries and mango.

NEW FORMULATION - The new consistency can withstand temperature changes therefore it won?t harden when there is a temperature drop.

Our whipped soaps are a 3 in 1 powerhouse, all packed in one jar. You can use it as a soap in the shower, to make bubbles in the bath, and even a shaving cream. Our whipped soap has a rich and buttery feel to it which makes your shower time much more fun!

Every whipped soap jar comes with a gorgeous piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery and a purchase gives you a chance to win a high value jewellery worth thousands of dollars.

How to use: To use as a soap, simply rub onto your skin to create lather. When in the tub - turn the tap on the whipped soap to see the bubbles come alive. And to use as a shaving cream, simply spread across the desired area and shave

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