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Touch your spaces with the warmth of tropical colours - created to give that style update that walls need from time to time - this delightful art print depicts water colours that is as vibrant as it is soft and cheery. Made to impress your space with a delightful botanical richness, it will be a perfect means to stylize the wall behind the couch or the console with its bright presence.

Adding botanical art work on the walls open sup many beautiful possibilities in your space, be it e wall behind the couch or behind the console, the space instantly connects to all - natural colours and you could expand the colour palette as well. Here the distinctive red coloured hibiscus adds to the stunningly beautiful look of this artwork which will make the wall spaces and the ambience gain that attractive warm and inviting look that things tropical bring with them. The size of the framed at is perfect for medium to large wall spaces and hence could be a great choice for behind consoles, sideboards or in long passage or gallery where a touch of colour is needed. Combining this piece with any other botanical print would be as easy as the colour palette is soft and natural and yet neutral enough to be accepted in any form and theme.

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