Homeware Trends For Winter 2022

Leeanne King

The winter chill has set in and with all of us spending more time at home, you're likely looking to update your space for the colder months. Keeping up with the latest decor trends can be tricky, so here are a few of the popular homeware trends for winter 2022.

Jude Frosted Glass Vase Sage

1. Coloured Glass

Crystal clear glassware is out! If you're looking for something that adds a subtle pop of colour and a little more character, coloured glassware is the next big thing. It can be clear, like these gorgeous Tommy glass vases, or frosted like a Jude vase. Either way, coloured glassware is a must-have item and an ultra-simple way to update your home from season to season.

A Nova Planter Terrracotta

2. Earth Tones

Spring and summer have us reaching for bright and light colours, but in winter they can feel too much and make your home feel washed out. Instead, opt for colours like mustard, terracotta and emerald to bring some soothing colour to your house. The trick is to work these in through small accents, otherwise, it can make your space feel too dark. Think of something like this Nova planter in terracotta, or this quirky 'person holding a pot' planter with a mustard accent. Speaking of plants...

A Pink Eucalyptus Branch

3. Bring The Outside Inside

Winter can leave us feeling gloomy and disconnected from nature, so it's a great idea to try to bring little bits of nature indoors where you can enjoy them in warmth and comfort. Not to mention, the 'greenhouse' look is on-trend at the moment! For those of us who struggle to keep a succulent alive, much less a Fiddle Leaf Fig, artificial greenery is a great option. These Eucalyptus branches are incredibly stylish and bring in some of those muted colours we discussed earlier, or opt for the same style in a gorgeous blush pink for some extra fun!

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