Five Unique Gifts For a Family That Has Everything

Leeanne King

You've been invited to visit a friend, but you can't think of something to bring! They've asked you not to bring any food or wine, and they have seemingly everything they could ever need, but you want to be a good guest and bring a little present with you.

If you're stuck for ideas, here are 5 options:


1. Boardgames

Boardgames are a great gift idea. They help break the ice and keep people off their phones and engaged with each other. This Charades game is sure to provide a great activity not only for your visit but for many weeks to come. Pick something with small or collapsible packaging that won’t take up too much space.


2. Planters

If your friends or family have green thumbs, chances are they have more plants than they know what to do with! A great option for these people is a stylish planter to provide their plants with a fancy new home. This Dayze planter comes in a mustard yellow colour which is incredibly popular at the moment.


3. Kitchenware

The art of gifting is all about giving people something they’d always wanted to have but would never buy for themselves. So steer clear of glasses or plates and opt for something a little bit more niche. This Revive Oil and Vinegar Set is a perfect example; elegant and useful, but a luxury people wouldn’t buy with their own money.


4. Home Decor

People love a small piece of functional décor to spice up their homes, especially if they’ve recently moved into a new place and things are looking sparse. The Driftaway Tealight Holder is perfect for lovers of ambient lighting who don’t appreciate wax drips on their surfaces.


5. Toys

If they have a small child, a soft toy is a classic choice. But if you’re giving a gift, you want something a little classy. We have these stunningly soft Jellycat brand bunnies at a truly unbeatable price.


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