Five Unique Gift Ideas

Leeanne King

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There is a vast range of personalised gifts, hampers, and gift vouchers available on the market, meaning it can quickly become overwhelming when shopping for the perfect gift for a family member or friend.

However, sometimes it’s better to look beyond the mainstream market to find a bespoke gift that will forever be remembered and cherished. Here are our five unique gift ideas to get you started:

a floral design travel mug

1. Plants

Plants are a relatively low-maintenance gift option that entrust themselves to their owner. Unlike fresh flowers, plants can last a lifetime when given the right amount of care and affection. Their evergreen power is proven to promote cheerfulness and help boost concentration levels – making this a gift that just keeps on giving.

What’s more, there are several plants you can choose from! Opt for an eccentric cascading air plant or a voluminous Phoenix Palm, the choice is yours!


2. Memories Notebook

If you’re looking for a gift to commemorate a special occasion, consider a memories notebook. This allows the receiver to reflect on past experiences and cherish them with hindsight. It also gives them the opportunity to remember the good old times with their loved ones. You can get memories notebooks for birthdaysholidays or for everyday use.


3. Quote Book

No matter what, everyone needs some motivation or a push in the right direction at some point. Quote books are something that an individual can consult time and time again, and they serve to remind them that they have your support. This is a great gift for individuals who are pursuing a new career path or entering a new life phase.

Whether it’s a courage quote book or a goals and dreams quote book, it’s bound to instil passion and confidence in the reader.


4. Travel Cup

There’s nothing better than receiving a functional gift that’s usable throughout everyday life. A travel cup offers just that, allowing them to have their morning coffee on the go while commuting to and from work. Travel cups are a unique gift idea for coffee lovers or those with a hectic lifestyle. The design element of travel cups is what makes them personable, so be sure to choose wisely!

Glenmore Gifts offers everything from floral-patterned travel cups to Persian-inspired cups!


5. Framed Photo

A framed photo is both special and personal and can make a great impression when given to a loved one. You can include a photograph of a lost loved one, your first photo together, a snapshot of a great memory, or even a collage. Be sure to capture your image in a signature frame that commemorates the occasion.


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